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Heidi Onisforou - My back Story

My mother used to say that is for good “ My ethos is wear jewellery and feel AMAMZING, not keeping it in a safe." My career traces it roots back to my childhood when my grandmother would always make a special piece of jewellery for me to celebrate my birthday each year, we would design it together or at the store in the Strand Arcade.  As a child seeing Amelda Marco’s famous jewellery collection made by Sir Lawrence Graff from Graff Jewellers London, inspired me to create irresistible jewellery. I would draw for hours on a sketch pad completely inspired to one day open my jewellery store.
I began my career studying gemmology in the early 90’s in Sydney, I then worked for Autore Pearls as a salesperson working at trade fairs locally and internationally. In 1999 I started my company  Australian Pearls and worked for years with Harpers Bazzar in Sydney with several pages of editorial called “Hot Rocks by Heidi Onisforou.” I bought Australian South  pearls from farmers, graded and sold them internationally after making necklaces and earrings, I bought and redesigned estate jewellery from Christes,Sothebys, Leonard Joel and Bonhams. I LOVE diamonds and bought the number one Australian Argyle Tender diamond "Cardinal "in 2014 funding the purchase with a partner, we were the custodians for one of the worlds rarest diamonds ever mined at Argyle mine. Together with Benjamin Hart I bring my jewellery connections & relationships with merchants from around the globe to provide our customers with the most magnificent diamonds and custom jewellery to be worn and enjoyed every day with my thirty five year veteran knowledge. Jewellery is like music, it elevates the soul, and we connect with our customers designing pieces that will last forever and be enjoyed every day. 
We design the jewellery around the diamond or precious stones, HEIDI & HART is a crystallisation of 35 years of my dreaming and imagination designing custom jewellery. 


Benjamin Hart is a classically trained artisan in fine and bespoke jewellery with two decade’s worth of dedication to his craft. Benjamin has an extremely focused work ethic and an innovative mind, this has earned him a reputation for work that is immaculately designed and daringly imaginative. As one of Australia’s leading young jewellery designers, he is a multi-award-winning artisan.

Some of these include Awards

  • 2014 JAA Australasian Jewellery Award for Precious Metal
  • 2016 Australian Pearl Jewellery Design Competition
  • 2018 JAA Design Sketch Awards sponsored by Paspaley

Benjamin strives to leave a legacy of artistry, pieces that exude the beauty of their raw materials, and are more than the sum of their parts.

“When I design pieces, I want them to be worn proudly, not just as mere accessories, but for distinct moments, evoking memories and stories unto themselves.”
— Benjamin Hart